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How to Find a Phone Number
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Find a Phone Number - anywhere in the world!

Global Phone Number Lookup & Search Directories

Use the dropdown menu to find telephone directories worldwide.

To find a telephone directory for almost any country, find the country in the list below and then click "Go":


Worldwide Search

Search the whole world all at once - this works best for a name that is not extremely common like 'Smith'! This is useful for tracking down a company or name which is uncommon.

This search is excellent if you want to scour the world for someone with an unusual name, or even a business. This search uses the power of Google to check ALL of the telephone directories at once.

If the person you are seeking has a very common name, this will likely return too many results.


Call For Free!

Did you know that you could make calls worldwide for free?

Find out more about "IP Telephony" and services such as Skype. You can make free calls from your computer.


How to find people

Are you looking to find someone online? If you do not have any luck here, you can try a people-search site such as Finding-People.comFinding-People: the most tools on the web to help you find anyone.. They have pages and pages of tools to find people.

find phone numbers

Most Common World Phone Directories
Country Directory
US Phone Directories
Canada Phone Directory Canada411
UK Phone Directory 118118

Ask Alix
The Phone Book (BT)
UK Phone Book
India phone directory India Phone Directories (Comprehensive Listing)We have an entire page dedicated to finding phone numbers in India. Links to all major regional directories and more...
France Phone Directory 118 People Search
White Pages (Pages Blanche)
Yellow Pages (Pages Jaune)
Ask Alix
Mexican Phone Directory Paginas Amarillas y blancas
Yahoo Páginas Útiles
Sección Amarilla
Middle East & Iraq Phone Books AME Info
United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Yellow Pages
Russia Phone Directory Spravka (Russian Language)
Russian Yellow Pages (Russian Language)
People Search